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Make a Rest Plan

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The starting point for mom entrepreneurs and leaders desiring to exchange a life that feels overextended to one that's rested and refreshed.

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You can turn your feelings of burnout around, and it starts with knowing how to rest well.

And here's how I help mom leaders like:

  • Consultants
  • Agency Owners
  • Coaches & Service Providers
  • Homeschoolers
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Caregivers & Home Managers
  • Career Women

live a more rested life with this mini-course.

Step 1

Take the Rest Needs Quiz and immediately identify where your rest deficits are right now.

Step 2

Watch the corresponding videos that address the types of rest you need, and begin implementing a plan as early as today.

Step 3

Journey with God with a daily scripture writing plan and prayer on his thoughts around rest and sabbath.

Your free mini-course includes the following:

  • The 7 Ways to Rest Mini-Course
  • A Rest Needs Quiz
  • A Guided Prayer on Rest
  • A 30-Day Scripture Writing Plan
  • A meditation to help you transition from work to family.
I'm ready to start

"As I am listening to the street sweeper go past the house, I recognize the vibration and noise is bothering me and disrupting my usually quiet morning. Yes, I agree with my test result for Sensory Rest."

~Donna Johnson

"According to these results, I need to focus on Creative Rest right now."

~Elise Erickson


Deanna Mason

I'm the creator of Refreshed Moms where I teach moms who lead how to plan and enjoy spiritual rest sabbaticals without losing revenue while they rest.

Through my podcast, consulting, and mini-sabbatical event, I'll help you eliminate leadership and business burnout by creating consistent rest practices that make room for your faith, family, and work.

Tiffany McKinnon Russell

Homeschool Mom Mentor

"Deanna helped me discover activities that are extremely restful for me even though others may find them stressful... and that it's OK!"

Michelle Wiedenbenner

Founder of Moms of Addicted Loved Ones

"Deanna helped me become more productive by incorporating consistent rest." 

Exchange a life that feels overextended with one filled with rest.